February 24th, 2019


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West Coast High 2019 featuring
Cypress Hill and Hollywood Undead
@HOB Houston

Sunday 2/24/2019 6:30 PM


The HOB in Houston this Sunday weekend will feature West Coast High featuring Cypress Hill and Hollywood Undead. The groups kicked off this national tour in in Anaheim, Calif, last week. This can be said to be sort of a throwback to the 90's when hip hop's rap was being defined more and more with Cypress Hill's How I Could Just Kill a Man. The video now boasts 14-million views and growing since it was published on Youtube back in 2011. Cypress Hill released their ninth album Elephants on Acid, last September.

One of the band's most striking aspects is B-Real's exaggeratedly high-pitched nasal vocals. In the book Check the Technique, B-Real describes his nasal style, saying his rapping voice is "high and annoying... the nasal style I have was just something that I developed... my more natural style wasn't so pleasing to DJ Muggs and Sen Dog's ears" and talking about the nasal style in the book How to Rap, B-Real says, "you want to stand out from the others and just be distinct... when you got something that can separate you from everybody else, you gotta use it to your advantage." In the film Art of Rap, B-Real credits the Beastie Boys as an influence when developing his rapping style. Sen Dog's voice is deeper, more violent and often shouted alongside the rapping; his vocals are often emphasized by adding another background/choir voice to say them. Sen Dog's style is in contrast to B-Real's, who says, "Sen's voice is so strong," and "it all blends together" when they are both on the same track.

Both B-Real and Sen Dog started writing lyrics in both Spanish and English and B-Real was inspired to start writing raps from watching Sen Dog and Mellow Man Ace writing their lyrics, and originally B-Real was going to just be the writer for the group rather than a rapper. Their lyrics are noted for bringing a "cartoonish" approach to violence says Peter Shapiro and Allmusic.

The MySpace group (Remember MySpace?) Hollywood Undergroud will be with Cypress Hill as part of West Coast High 2019.

Last year they were interviewed by Dead Press.co/uk:

DP!: You guys have been around since the MySpace days, and MySpace was a really great platform for emerging artists in its time. Are there any other platforms nowadays that you think have taken the place of MySpace for musicians?

JD: We still hear a lot “Oh, you guys were a MySpace band”, and we’re like, “Well, we write music too.” I liked MySpace because it had a whole music section, they had charts, it was great for music. I have no idea about Facebook now, but there is other stuff like SoundCloud.
D: SoundCloud is like the new MySpace platform nowadays, where any artist can put their music up there for free, and if it picks up… well, you’ve seen what can happen to those artists.
JD: Yeah, like Lil Pump. We watched him and it was fucking insane. That’s like the new punk rock music, kids were going nuts. We couldn’t believe it. There were mosh pits and shit.

West Coast High 2019 featuring
Cypress Hill and Hollywood Undead
HOB Houston
1204 Caroline St.
Houston, TX
Sunday 2/24/2019 6:30 PM
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Mamma Mia
@Hobby Center

Now playing thru Sunday March 3, 2019


It's time to get squeeze into those flared jumpsuits, because Mamma Mia is hitting Houston. One of the most successful jukebox musicals of all time, Mamma Mia is a sunny romantic comedy set on an idyllic Mediterranean island, and packed to the brim with the pop group's' best known numbers, including 'Dancing Queen', Super Trouper', 'Knowing Me, Knowing You', 'Waterloo', and of course the amazing title track.

Created in collaboration with ABBA's Benny and Bjorn, Mamma Mia first opened on Broadway in 2001, and has since become a worldwide phenomenon.
 . . . more Mamma Mia @Hobby Center click here

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