Scott Weiland

Scout Bar   Directions
Houston, TX    
Friday 12/11/2015 8:00 PM    
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"I knew I wanted to make a rock record," proclaims Weiland. "It all just came together. It's got a distinctive sound, but it also can entice those Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver fans who have stuck by me. Over the years, I've gone back and forth. I've made art records, and then I've returned to being in a band. This is a hybrid. You might say there's an indie alternative feeling, but it's not too precious. These are vintage sounds done in a new way. What we've come up with is really heavy, slinky, and sexy. There's a lot of fuzz. The best way to describe it is 'Furry'."

Scott Weiland

in Houston, Texas

on Friday

December 11, 2015

at 8:00 PM

Scout Bar
18307 Egret

Bay Blvd.  
Houston, TX     Directions